How to Believe in Yourself to Achieve Your Goals

How to Believe in Yourself to Achieve Your Goals

I like watching movies with happy endings. Especially when the person has suffered setbacks and had to face unusual challenges to overcome them. The feeling of reaching and achieving a goal inspires hope in all of us for a better day.

Like a movie, our lives are often filled with uncertainty and challenges that can cause us to lose track of our goals. However, within each of us is the ability to accomplish our goals when we set our minds to them. It all starts by believing in yourself.    This article will discuss how to believe in yourself to achieve your goals.

We will review the following guidelines to help you:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Challenge your mind to grow
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Turn your obstacles into opportunities
  • Be intentional in your decisions

Let’s get started!

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Overcome limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs occurs when we believe that we can not do something. For example, someone might say I am not good or smart enough or cannot do that.   Maintaining limiting beliefs can be detrimental to your success. We must overcome these limiting beliefs to build confidence within ourselves.

Let’s review an example of how a little boy overcame his limiting beliefs.

A story has been told of two brothers, six and ten years old, playing by a well near their village. The older brother accidentally falls into the well, where he yells to his younger brother for help. The younger brother panics as he tries to find someone to help them, but no one is around. He is filled with fear of what to do to save his older brother.

The older brother struggles to stay afloat in the well and starts drowning because he does not know how to swim. Then, the younger brother notices a metal bucket with a rope attached. He throws the bucket down to his older brother to hold onto as he pulls him to safety using the rope.

When the boys tell the people in their village what happened, no one believes them because they can not understand how a six-year-old would have the strength to pull his older brother from the well. Finally, a wise man in the village believes the boy’s story and can explain how the six-year-old boy accomplished this task to the villagers.

The six-year-old pulled his larger, older brother out of the well, holding on to a metal bucket because no one was around to tell him that he could not do it.

Like this story, we can sometimes assign ourselves limiting beliefs based on what others tell us or what we tell ourselves about our abilities.

How do we change these limiting beliefs? It all begins with changing the language that you assign to your thoughts. Instead of saying “I can’t,” change your language to “I can.”  Be courageous and not allow fear to hinder your progress.

Challenge your mindset to grow

Learning and developing our minds are very important. A growth mindset opens the door to possibilities that can take us to different places.

Always seek to expand your knowledge, try new experiences, and be curious by allowing your childlike creative side to explore new things.  Let learning be a lifelong journey with unlimited potential.

As we grow mentally, we also increase our ability to accomplish more things.

Maintain a positive attitude

Your attitude can significantly impact your life because your thoughts affect your reality. Thus, change your thoughts and perspective to experience a more peaceful and productive life.

Be diligent about surrounding yourself with positive-thinking people, books, or ideas that can nourish your mind and soul. Seek out the good in others and raise the vibration of your thinking to elevate your altitude.

Develop an attitude of greatness and aspire to become a better person each day.

Turn your obstacles into opportunities

Life can be hard sometimes but remember it is only a test preparing you for greater things. Learn to see the good hidden in every given situation.

When faced with challenges or obstacles, ask yourself what God is trying to teach me. Then, instead of focusing on the problem, strive to find a solution.

We all will experience challenges. However, we do not have to let it defeat us. Do not let your obstacles define who you are. Instead, use these experiences to develop and become stronger and wiser.

Be intentional in your decisions

Our decisions can affect the roads we travel in life. In addition, each decision can potentially affect us later in life. Therefore we must take time to measure our decisions carefully.

As we get older, we tend to look back over our lives and think how differently the outcome would have been if only we had made a different decision. That decision may have been to study harder, pursue an opportunity we were afraid of, or follow a dream.

We all have choices that come with consequences, good or bad. Be intentional about your decisions and imagine their impact on you and others. Ask God for direction in making decisions and seek to improve yourself, achieve your goals, and make the world better.

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed the topic of believing in yourself to achieve your goals. The guidelines discussed included overcoming limiting beliefs, challenging your mindset to grow, maintaining a positive attitude, turning obstacles into opportunities, and being intentional about your decisions.

Life can be considered like a cup when everything is said and done. What you put into your cup is what you get out of it. Regarding believing in yourself, it is essential to fill your cup to stay energized and motivated to achieve your goals.

Keep filling and refilling your cup, and continue the journey of becoming the person God created you to be.

Please share your thoughts or comments on your journey to believe in yourself to reach your goals. Your time is greatly appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

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