Self Confidence Healthy Life

Self Confidence Healthy Life

Each of us has some level of self-confidence. Self-confidence is seen in our demeanor toward others, our relationships, and how we project ourselves. Self-confidence healthy life is a way of maintaining a positive outlook on life. What is self-confidence and how to build it is what we will be discussing today.

The goal of this article is to define what self-confidence is and provide 5 steps on how you can improve your self-confidence. I desire that you will become more enlightened about your self-confidence and apply these principles for your personal growth.

What is self-confidence?

The definition of self-confidence is a mindset of how we feel about our skills and abilities. We can also think of it as a measurement of our self-esteem, the value or perception we have of ourselves.

Another way to understand the relationship between self-confidence and self-esteem is that self-confidence is based on how we project ourselves to others on the outside, whereas self-esteem is how we view ourselves on the inside.

People with high self-esteem tend to feel more in control of their destinies. They make higher grades in school, are stressed less, have a positive outlook about their future, and are motivated to take on more challenges. On the other hand, a person with low self-esteem can become more critical of themselves, get depressed, have a negative view of their abilities, and feel that other people are better than them.

The benefit of having higher self-confidence is your ability to let your authentic self come through. It also helps improve your relationships with others, produces a mindset to want to achieve more in life, and can help reduce your fears and anxieties.

Now, let’s review 5 steps on how you can increase your self-confidence.

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1. Change your perception

The way we view ourselves is through the lens of how we perceive the things we experience in life. My 5th-grade teacher described this as a self-fulfilling prophecy. In simple terms, we predict or expect something to happen. Then when the outcome matches what we expected or believe to be true, it begins to influence our behavior.

Your perception is similar to the glass half full versus half empty concept. How you perceive a situation impacts how you will respond to it. A solution to changing your perception is to look for the hidden good in every given situation.

Life is not always perfect and there may be times we question the circumstances we have encountered. However, if we can ask ourselves this question, what are the lessons to be learned from this situation that will help me grow as a person? Let this question be a guide to changing your perception. Change your perception to change your life.

2. Be grateful

Have an attitude of gratitude. Learn to be grateful for what you have. Each day, make it a practice to reflect on things you are grateful for.

I thank God each morning for being able to live to see a new day. As I reflect further, I begin to be grateful for my health, shelter, and food to eat. These may seem like ordinary things; however, we should not take anything for granted because there are people in this world that are less fortunate.

Once we express gratitude daily it energizes us with hope for a better future. It also helps you have a positive mindset because it is hard to be fearful when you feel grateful.

3. Change your focus

While perception affects how we see things, focus affects what we direct our attention to. We all make mistakes or experience failure at some point in time, however, allowing this circumstance to control our thoughts constantly will affect our ability to change.

To move forward in life, we must change our focus. Imagine if you drove your car constantly looking back through your rearview mirror. While it is okay to be aware of what is around you and what you have passed through, don’t let it affect where you are headed to.

4. Believe in yourself

Within each of us is the potential to accomplish anything we set our minds to. However, the engine that drives your potential is your belief in yourself. Small beliefs in us result in small potential. Having a higher belief in ourselves results in greater potential.

Changing your thinking and beliefs about yourself will change your life.

5. Take action to change

Change is a part of life. When it comes to changing your self-confidence, action is required. Action requires that you step out of your comfort zone to do things that you may have not done before. You may have to take the initiative to meet new people and engage in conversations that cause you to share more about yourself to build trust and rapport.

You may have to speak up for yourself in public situations so that your opinions or views are heard. It may involve you having the courage to face your fears and not be concerned about what others think of you. Sometimes you may even fail at something but must be willing to keep trying to improve your self-confidence day by day.

Be persistent and approach life with a determination to change your way of thinking. In doing so, you can open up unlimited possibilities to increase your self-confidence and develop a healthier opinion of your self-worth.


In conclusion, we have defined the meaning of self-confidence and outlined 5 steps you can take to improve your self-confidence. The steps consist of changing your perception of yourself, being grateful for what you have, changing your focus, believing in yourself, and taking action to make changes for your personal growth and development.

I hope that these steps help you and provide you with the motivation to live a life that enables you to be your authentic self. Please feel free to share your comments and feedback on what steps you have made changes to improve your self-confidence.

2 thoughts on “Self Confidence Healthy Life

  1. Self confidence is one of the most important ingredient for success. It is your inner most voice telling you of your abilities and how much you are worth. I stand tall to say it that it is very different from pride. It has nothing to do with envy and strive. Rather it is one’s inner most voice that puts you in the right place and helps you see yourself from the right mirror. 

    1. Very well stated.  I like how you used the example of our inner voice to speaking to our abilities and our worth.  This is so true.  Thank you for sharing your comments and feedback.  

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