Change your life in 7 steps

Change your life in 7 steps

Growing up, I recall watching a Calgon Bath commercial with a famous and memorable slogan, “Calgon, take me away!”  This slogan became a catchphrase, a household phenom that reminded us how we sometimes want to leave life’s stress, worries, and frustrations behind to live a more peaceful and happy life.

Picture in your mind what life would be like if you could live your life in a more fun, meaningful way every day. You would wake up happy, more relaxed, and have fun!

While you may not altogether remove all the stress and worries from your life, there is a way to change your life so that you wake up feeling more fulfilled and inspired to follow your dreams.

This article will discuss how to change your life in seven steps. I desire to inspire you to transform your life and follow your dreams.

Here is a summary of the steps to be covered:

  1. Reduce social media consumption
  2. Get curious about learning new things
  3. Transform your thinking
  4. Let go of fear
  5. Strive to be a better version of yourself
  6. Change your energy
  7. Take action to follow your inspiration

I am glad that you are here. Let’s get started with the discussion!

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1. Reduce social media consumption

Over time, I experimented with learning about social media’s impact on me. My findings were shocking and eye-opening.

For one, I discovered that social media can become addictive, almost like a drug.   I would check in daily to read messages or watch videos throughout the day. While this does not sound like much, a few minutes here and there can add up.

I could easily be on social media for hours per day without being careful. Can you relate to this?

Now, I am not here to judge anyone. There is nothing wrong with viewing social media.

However, my eye-opening moment occurred when I discovered how it distracted me from getting things done. To remedy this, I had to make some changes.

I started by limiting the amount of time I spent on social media. For example, instead of spending several hours a day on social media, I designated scheduled times each day to check in on social media. Doing this would shorten my daily social media time to less than an hour.

The overall benefit I discovered was more time to do other things. If you want to try this, choose what works best for you. This is part of the first step in transforming your life. Let’s continue with the next step.

2. Get curious about learning new things

As I began freeing up more time, I could focus my time on learning new skills. I started this blog and began to read and research much more.

Each day I was picking up new ideas and expanding my knowledge. Some days, I learned a lot more than others. However, each day produced more knowledge to help me grow and develop.

I also discovered how learning new things creates an eagerness to learn more. This concept of learning can apply to many other areas of your life.

My biggest takeaway from learning new things was that it caused me to reflect and think more about what matters most.

It was not always about constantly keeping up with what was happening worldwide or in someone else’s life all the time; it was about tuning in to being more present at the moment.

The lesson learned was that we all can grow and learn something new at any stage. If you have the desire to learn, the passion will follow.

3. Transform your thinking

Have you ever found yourself trying to please others to make them happy? If so, this step may help you.

Transformation is a process that starts from within you. This involves changing how you think.

I discovered that many people are stuck in life due to specific thinking patterns. These patterns begin in childhood and can easily carry on to adulthood.

Think of these as patterns of limitations or labels that we or others assign to us. Here are some examples:

  • You can’t do this, or you can’t do that
  • You have to have a college degree to be successful
  • No one else has ever done this or tried that before
  • You do not possess the proper skill set for a particular job
  • It would be best if you were this or that
  • That is too hard to try, or what happens when you fail

Of course, these are just examples; you may have heard others.

The critical point here is that you must develop a mindset to free yourself of limitations of what you can accomplish to change your life.

Stop listening to naysayers or negative people that limit your thinking. Instead, start feeding your mind with positive statements, books, or people that inspire you to grow mentally.

4. Let go of fear

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

The biggest fear that many of us face is the fear of failure. We want to play it safe to prevent failure and not take risks.

However, the downside to living this way is that you may miss all the possibilities or opportunities you could have obtained.

It has been said that “it is better to try and fail than not to try at all.”

I challenge you to live life so that you overcome your fears and live your dreams. Never be afraid to try something new, even if it is not the perfect time. This could be following your plan to start your own business, advance in your career, start over by going to college or even pursue new skills that will help you develop into the person you desire to be.

Just as success does not happen overnight, facing your fears does not mean you will not face challenges. So be courageous, move forward, and do not allow fear to hinder you.

5. Strive to be a better version of yourself

An essential element of our lives is that we are all connected. Although we may look, talk, or act differently,  We are all part of the human family.

With this in mind, we all benefit from encouraging and helping each other grow. When you encourage others, you, in essence, are encouraging yourself. But, on the other hand, by judging others, you judge yourself.

Learn to see the good in others and yourself. Strive to promote harmony by building relationships. Love others and yourself to become a better version of yourself each day.

6. Change your energy

Each of us produces a vibration of energy into the atmosphere. This may sound imaginary or strange to some, but follow me for a moment.

When we feel negative about something, we attract more negative energy. Similarly, when we feel more positive, we attract more positive energy.

This is not to say that you must always be smiling and trying to act positively. But instead, monitor your feelings and the effect your emotions are having on you and those around you.

If you discover that you are unhappy or upset, take time to control your response to a situation. You can shift the energy in the atmosphere just by changing how you feel.

As an experiment, I would smile and say hello to random strangers. Some appeared shocked or unhappy initially, but their facial disposition changed when they looked up and realized someone was speaking to them. And more importantly, they would respond with a hello and smile back.

Like this example, you can change the emotional state of yourself and others around you to create a more positive atmosphere.

7. Take action to follow your inspiration

The final step to change your life is to take action to follow what inspires you.

We are given different gifts and talents; no two people are identical. There is one Michael Jordan, one Oprah Winfrey, one Michael Jackson, and so on. You get the point.

Your gift is unique to you. Therefore, it is up to you to use your talent and become the person God created you to be.

Take time to reflect and discover your passion. Do not let anyone discourage you. Instead, pursue your dreams to live a life of purpose and meaning.

Take risks, take chances to explore the possibility of becoming. For you see, you have but one life to live.

So take a chance on yourself, transform your life, and live with purpose and meaning.

Final thoughts

The purpose of this article was to inspire you to change your life.  We reviewed seven steps you can take to do this.  They included reducing social media consumption, learning new things, changing how you think, letting go of fear, striving to be a better version of yourself daily, changing the energy around you to promote positive interactions with others, and taking action to follow your dreams and doing what inspires you.

I sincerely hope these steps help awaken you to change your life and overcome any obstacles that may have been holding you back. So, be courageous, go forth, and live.

Please share your thoughts and feedback on the steps you have taken to begin the change process in your life.

Thanks for visiting!

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